Coolpets Dog Ice Mix
Coolpets Dog Ice Mix


Coolpets Dog Ice Mix

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Coolpets Dog Ice mix for dogs


Complementary feed for dogs.


From now on you can treat your dog to delicious water ice in summer! 

Prepare the ice yourself with this Coolpets Dog Ice mix and use the matching Coolpets Dog Ice Mix Tray. The tray provides space for 8 ice creams.   


After a few hours in the freezer, the ice creams are ready and your dog can enjoy a refreshing snack!


Tasty and safe

Cooling during hot summer daysEasy to prepare


Composition strawberry flavour (COOL091)

Fructose, red beet powder, potato starch.



Sensory: Strawberry aroma -2b- 1%

Technological: Guar gum -E412-


Composition pineapple flavour (COOL092)

Fructose, pineapple powder (1%), potato starch.



Nutritional: Vitamin B2 -3a825i- 0.05%

Sensory: Pineapple aroma -2b- 1%

Technological: Guar gum -E412-



65 g - Makes at least 16 pieces