Pet Rewards Trainer mix
Pet Rewards Trainer mix

Pet reward

Pet Rewards Trainer mix

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Pet Rewards Trainer mix

This trainer-snack is filled with delicious meat and is a semi-moist soft reward. This means that these snacks are still slightly moist and therefore extremely powerful in taste and smell. That is why this is the ideal snack for dog trainers and dog parents, in order to reward their dog and puppy for their good behaviour during trainings. These trainer snacks do not contain added sugars and best of all; they were made by Pet Rewards in the Netherlands! 

  • Extremely powerful scent provides extra attention during training
  • Extremely powerful flavour makes your dog want more, and will work harder to receive a reward
  • No added sugars
  • Ideal reward shape of 2 cm
  • Unique mix of different flavours
  • Packed in a handy resealable bucket
  • Made in the Netherlands