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Why chewing is so important:

Clean teeth: Chewing combats tartar formation and cleans teeth of existing plaque.
Keeps gums in good condition: This is essential for health and resistance.
Chewing reduces stress and pain by releasing dopamines.
Why dogs would choose Braaaf:

Grain-free product (dogs are carnivores)
Buffalo skin for longer chewing pleasure
High level of acceptance (dogs love it)
Snack comes in several variations (surprise effect and chewing stimulation)
Perfectly suitable for teaching puppies to chew
For any size of dog

3 á lager

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Braaaf’s chewy snacks are composed of first-class ingredients. Daily strict quality and hygiene controls guarantee these 2 core values. Chewing is very important for dogs, both in terms of oral hygiene and mental health. Reward the dog with the tastiest and healthiest snack!



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